July 16, 2017

Meet Canonblue


Canonblue is a chef specializing in refined southern cuisine. Self taught, she grew up experimenting with classic recipes to infuse them with bold flavors. She is best known for her crawfish bisque, a generations-old recipe. An avid gamer, Canonblue grew up on class DnD, but she also enjoys making the boys cry while schooling them in Super Mario Bros., Halo, and Smash. She is also a well known cosplay and music photographer.

Canonblue is Team Mystic, Team Indiana Jones, Team Boxers, Team Car-mel (because apparently she just ignores that extra A in that word), Team Jacob, Team Lestat, Team America, World Police, World’s Funniest Home Videos, Bob Saget is Awesome, Didn’t Really Get Into the Full House Reboot, It Wasn’t Bad or Anything, Just Missing Something, wait, what?