July 16, 2017

Meet L.B.


L.B. holds Masters Degrees in History and Education and formerly taught public school in Boston as well as at the University of South Alabama and Mississippi State University. In addition, he started Hub City Tabletop (a community group for gamers in Hattiesburg, MS) and HubCityMinis, a miniature painting studio that specializes in wargames and DnD miniatures. A consummate gamer, L.B. started playing Dungeons and Dragons at age 9 and really only took a year off to go to Iraq.

He’s worked in the service industry for years, waiting tables and bartending. At Copeland’s in Hattiesburg, he worked as Catering Director and Front-of-House Manager. It has been his dream to open a gamer pub for almost a decade, and he’s as passionate about bringing nerds together as he is about the games they play. He may also have invented DuckFace.